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Barefoot’s local happenings

      Barefoot is so excited to see it’s brand growing every day! There are now eight stores all around Texas (Stephenville, Fredericksburg, Waco, Huntsville and San Marcos),  Iowa (Ames), South Carolina (Columbia), and even Florida (Tallahassee)! In honor of all our wonderful stores and to support local businesses, let’s get local with all our stores […]

Red Dirt is Better Than Red Carpets

Texas country music is better than anything Nashville can produce. Yeah, I know this is a bold statement. But, I can argue it for days and I’ll always win, so I can say it. There’s songs that I like every know and then from mainstream country for the soul reason they’re catchy, but when you […]

Going to College In Your Hometown Pros and Cons

Growing up in Stephenville my entire life, kinda made me want to leave as soon as I graduated high school. Which I did. I dreamed about Texas State all four years and was a bobcat my first semester of freshman year (check out our Barefoot right off the square). I hated it for whatever reasons […]

Shop Local

Although Barefoot originated in the tiny town of Stephenville, Texas, we are growing like a weed! Right now we have store locations in: Waco, Texas (Baylor University) Fredericksburg, Texas (Just a little town with a big polka and/or drinking problem) Statesboro, Georgia (Georgia Southern University) Ames, Iowa (Iowa State University) Huntsville, Texas (Sam Houston State University) Stephenville, […]

The Calm After The Storm

A lot of Tarleton students were complaining about having a different spring break than most schools, but after the storm Tuesday it was like God was watching over all of His Texans & Texanns. While campus is fairly empty, our surrounding community is as full as ever. Full in the sense that all of the full time […]

Straight Outta Compton

Jk, we’re really outta Stephenville The Ville Basically overnight [maybe a couple nights] these “Straight Outta ____” Memes have gone viral. So I felt that it was only appropriate that we create one for Barefoot, too! Pictured here are three of our hardworking guys who run the screen presses. All of our product is produced ^ right there, Straight Outta […]