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  1. San Marcos Gems: The Root Cellar

    San Marcos Gems: The Root Cellar
    Nestled in the I-35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio is a unique little town called San Marcos. I have come to love San Marcos in the past three months that I have been here! As I come across some of my favorite gems in San Marcos, I will share them with you so you too can see how awesome this town really is! As for restaurants, San Marcos has some great spots that you can’t miss! The Root Cellar is hands down one of the best restaurants in San Marcos! First thing you noticed as you walk up the...
  2. 10 Ways to Cope with the End of Spring Break

    10 Ways to Cope with the End of Spring Break
    I know, I know, spring break is over and it was such a tease for summer. But, we're going to finish this semester strong together, and cope in the best ways possible. 1.) It’s finally B-E-A-UTIFUL weather in Huntsville and the duck pond is the perfect place to break out a blanket or hammock and relax! 2.) Midterms are over! So it’s back to normally scheduled class times and easy quizzes for at least 6 weeks! 3.) Graduation is in 56 days (PRAISE!) 4.) Back to regularly (CHEAP af) drinks at Shenanigans and The Fox on your fav bar nights...
  3. Best of Texas Festival

    Best of Texas Festival
    Are you trying to find a reason to come to Fredericksburg? Look no further than The Best of Texas Festival! If you find yourself in Fredericksburg, Texas March 31st through April 1st, you'll be right on time for one of the best festivals town has ever seen. Love beer? Love wine? Love food? Perfect, you'll fit right in. Each day of the festival offers a new, exciting event making the festival one of a kind, and entertaining for everyone. Friday: This is what they call the "The Battle of the Chefs", and you guessed it, you will be voting on...
  4. St. Patrick's Day is the Best

    St. Patrick's Day is the Best
    It's St. Patty's Day muh dudes. Rather you're at home chilling on the couch, or on a spring break trip (like me), you have no excuses to celebrate the greatest holiday Earth has ever seen. You may be asking yourself why it's the best, and that's because it's my favorite, therefore making it the best. But, if you don't believe me, the following reasons are why. 1.) Green Beer Green beer is not only festive, it also turns your mouth green and there's something so childlike and nostalgic about that, it earns my #1 spot. 2.) Kiss Me I'm Irish...
  5. Spring 2017 Trends

    Spring 2017 Trends
    Spring is about to be here, and by here I mean like next week. March 20 is the official first day of spring and I can't contain my excitement. This means pastels, rainy weather, and flowers (all perfect things).
  6. Spring Break Tips

    Spring Break Tips
    I wish someone had told me all of these last year when I went on spring break, but unfortunately, they didn't. So I'm sharing with you all the learned knowledge I gained (the hard way). A lot of these will have to deal with your phone because I lose it more than I lose my mind (too much). 1.) Your phone and money should be separate I have a sticker wallet that holds all my cards and IDs, it's really convenient having all my necessary things in the same place and only have one thing to worry about. But, then...
  7. February Favs

    February Favs
    Beauty bloggers can do it, so why can't I? So this is how it's going down; after every month I'll list my favorite things according to categories. Then you go out and try them and be equalobsessedsed with me (being obsessed with something along side others is what life is all about). So without further ado... my February favorites! Clothing: Ripped Black Jeans People call me edgy and I honestly I have no clue where they get that from.. (in no way am I hardcore/bad a). Like I guess I wear a lot ripped black clothing but I consider my...
  8. Spring Break Must Haves

    Spring Break Must Haves
    If you've lost track of time, like me, here's a friendly reminder that spring break is in TWO WEEKS... Yes, in fourteen long days we have a week long break, where hopefully you'll be burning your precious skin on a beach confused on exactly what day it is. If you're going to the mountains or something else unique, sorry boutcha but I'm a basic beach girl. Not to stress you out, but if you're making online orders, you need to do that like yesterday. Spring break clothes are basically impossible to find in stores, at least in my town (all...
  9. Top Four Outdoor Things in Central Texas

    Top Four Outdoor Things in Central Texas
    I've said it once, and I'll say it again, being outdoorsy is a trend and I'm obsessed. I'm not sure when this movement began, but if you haven't gone hiking at least three times, what are you doing with your life? Hopefully, the days of being lazy and not caring about anything are over and we can get back to leading a fulfilling life (why was this ever even a thing, being lazy is NOT cool). Our generation is taking over and hiking one hill at a time (probably for Instagram purposes). If you don't believe this is a trend...
  10. Red Dirt is Better Than Red Carpets

    Red Dirt is Better Than Red Carpets
    Texas country music is better than anything Nashville can produce. Yeah, I know this is a bold statement. But, I can argue it for days and I'll always win, so I can say it. There's songs that I like every know and then from mainstream country for the soul reason they're catchy, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty of the actual music, nope.  I understand that it's personal taste, and some people like pop country, but I will always prefer and respect the traditional sound more. Don't get me wrong, I understand that there are independent artists and...