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  1. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    It's the Most Wonderful  Time of the Year!
    The best time of the year is here again... football season. Also known as {tailgate szn} according to every college girl's Instagram captions that flooded your feed on the first home game day. As a super senior, I am definitely having a bit of nostalgia over the last five years... So, while experiencing my last few games and tailgates as an undergrad, I came up with ways to ensure your tailgates will forever be memorable!  DO: Start your day with your girlypops & pals EARLY! Because what's game day without the sound of the pop of champagne for mimosas?! Dress cute... be...
  2. A Guide to Styling Your Baseball Caps

    A Guide to Styling Your Baseball Caps
    A Guide to Wearing a Baseball Cap for the Ladies with Locks Baseball caps are in and they’re the perfect look to top of your game day jersey, dress down an outfit, or simply hold down that crazy hair! Regardless of your style or personality, a baseball cap is versatile enough for any lady. However, for those with the long locks, wearing a baseball cap might feel like a hinderance. Not only is hat hair an issue, but does the possibility of wearing a hat without playing down those great strands even exist? Why, of course! In fact, a baseball...
  3. Our Favorite Summer Albums

    Our Favorite Summer Albums
    Summer Albums that We’re Sure to Be Jamming out to this Entire School Year Hey everyone and welcome back to our blog! Our college apparel and tee shirt company is finally beginning to accept that the school year is coming around the corner and the freedom of summer is tucking itself away until 2018. This summer was marked by super fun music festivals, road trips, and amazing sunshine felt all across the country. While we’ll miss the summertime, we’re super excited for what the fall semester holds! However, while the summer weather might be fading quickly, some of the jams...
  4. How to Look Super Cute at a School Sporting Event

    How to Look Super Cute at a School Sporting Event
    Our Sporting Event Outfit Suggestions Hello, hello! And welcome back to the Barefoot Campus Outfitter blog! We love to use this space to not only talk about our amazing t-shirts, campus clothes, and college attire, but we also love giving you up-to-date advice and stories that need to be shared with the world! Our company recognizes the importance of celebrating your school and we brand ourselves off of taking your school’s brand and creating super chic, custom clothes and gear for you to show off your campus pride while also looking like a total babe or bro. Unless you live...
  5. Your 2017 Solar Eclipse Guide

    Your 2017 Solar Eclipse Guide
    How to Make the Best Out of This Rare Solar Event! If you haven’t been keeping up with your social media, the news, science, or astrology of any sort, then perhaps you might not be too aware of the incredible thing that’s about to happen right above our heads. In a week from today, we’ll be graced with the magnificence of space and time as the paths of both the sun and moon simultaneously cross each other's path. The solar eclipse is a sight to see and Barefoot Campus Outfitter is commemorating the event with our unique and super cute...
  6. Let Your Wanderlust Take You to these United States Destinations

    Let Your Wanderlust Take You to these United States Destinations
    Here are some of our college apparel company’s favorite destinations to travel to! Oh, hello! Happy summer, everybody! What’re more wonderful than sunny days filled with pool parties and beach days that roll through a day-glo sunset before settling into the most memorable nights of the year? And, unless you’re a soul making up a few classes over the summer, no school! Summer is the perfect time to cross as many items off of the bucket list as possible while also forming memories with your best friends that will never be forgotten! Because of the combination of stunning weather and...
  7. Where My "Trash Walkers" At?!

    Where My "Trash Walkers" At?!
    Once upon a time in a far off land, an irrelevant man named David, branded the oversized T-Shirt epidemic - Trash Walkers. (pictured below) And girls from all over fired back by embracing a newfound stereotype! If someone who didn't know me walked into my closet they would be very confused as my clothes literally range from a Youth Large to a 2XL - and at least one of each size in between. This has by far been my favorite fashion trend for so many reasons! 1. CAN SOMEONE SAY COMFORTABLE! It's finally socially acceptable to wear pajamas in public...
  8. Festy Fun for Newbies

    Festy Fun for Newbies
    How to prepare for your first music festival If you’re a college student, attending a summer music festival is a right of passage. Packing up the car with the tent, some goodies, and your best college friends and jamming all the way to ‘roo, Electric Forest, or Hangout is a surefire way to make your summer, and Insta gallery, stand out. If you’ve never been to a summer camping fest before and you’re freaking out about what to pack and how to prepare, then you’ve come to the right place. Summer fests are the greatest, but they can be a...
  9. In Case You Needed To Smile

    In Case You Needed To Smile
    Rough. A small word that perfectly describes the past couple days I've had. When you're down sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Every now and then everyone needs a little pick-me-up and a reason to smile. Each and everyday (even the days that seem like everything is crashing down), there is a reason to be thankful. So, in order to help myself and anyone else in need, I put together a collage of inspirational quotes, pictures that are guaranteed to make you smile, and a couple versus that will help you tackle what...
  10. Events You Need Custom T-Shirts For

    Events You Need Custom T-Shirts For
    Make sure you have tees for these events When was the last time somebody gave you a free t-shirt and you were mad about it? Arguably the most versatile piece of clothing, nobody could ever own too many t-shirts. Barefoot Campus Outfitter knows the value that a simple, but well designed t-shirt has and how a t-shirt can transform an event from ordinary to memorable. If you’re planning an event, you should consider ordering t-shirts to give out as favors and memorabilia signaling the best day, night, or trip ever. While we could go on forever about the types of...