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February Favs

Beauty bloggers can do it, so why can’t I? So this is how it’s going down; after every month I’ll list my favorite things according to categories. Then you go out and try them and be equalobsessedsed with me (being obsessed with something along side others is what life is all about). So without further […]

Red Dirt is Better Than Red Carpets

Texas country music is better than anything Nashville can produce. Yeah, I know this is a bold statement. But, I can argue it for days and I’ll always win, so I can say it. There’s songs that I like every know and then from mainstream country for the soul reason they’re catchy, but when you […]

Summer Sixteen Playlist

Summer Sixteen is here & I’m not just talking about Drake’s new song. Start the summer off accordingly with these new jams. From the seasons hottest singles to songs from rising artists, to remixes & a touch of electronic to a little bit of Texas country, this playlist has something for everyone! All songs can be found on Spotify so […]