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Let Your Wanderlust Take You to these United States Destinations

Here are some of our college apparel company’s favorite destinations to travel to! Oh, hello! Happy summer, everybody! What’re more wonderful than sunny days filled with pool parties and beach days that roll through a day-glo sunset before settling into the most memorable nights of the year? And, unless you’re a soul making up a […]

Festy Fun for Newbies

How to prepare for your first music festival If you’re a college student, attending a summer music festival is a right of passage. Packing up the car with the tent, some goodies, and your best college friends and jamming all the way to ‘roo, Electric Forest, or Hangout is a surefire way to make your […]

Events You Need Custom T-Shirts For

Make sure you have tees for these events When was the last time somebody gave you a free t-shirt and you were mad about it? Arguably the most versatile piece of clothing, nobody could ever own too many t-shirts. Barefoot Campus Outfitter knows the value that a simple, but well designed t-shirt has and how […]

Dorm Room Essentials

Things You Need in Your Dorm Room Shout out to all of our high school grads who are getting ready to make the trek to their college of choice! It’s the point in the summer where you’re probably freaking out, especially if you’re moving into a dorm! You’re probably wondering what your classes will be […]

Festivals to Attend this Late Summer

Some Late Summer Fests for You! Music festivals are the soulmates of summer. Their unwavering ability to offer days filled with bliss and freedom make these events absolutely unforgettable. You’re probably frowning at the thought that summer is almost over, and therefore festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo are in the rearview mirror. But, no fear! […]

Your Final Weeks of Summer

How to spend these last few weeks This one is for all of the students who’ve just graduated from high school. Congrats! We hope that all of those months of SAT prepping, studying for AP exams, and trying to collect as many memories as possible have worked out in your favor. A good amount of […]

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