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7 Places To Wear Baylor Hats

Do Baylor hats have a place other than Baylor University activities? You betcha! For example: Waco, Texas Few places on the planet are as perfect as Waco, TX to rock your Baylor Bears hat & accessories. Why? Uh, ‘cuz that’a where Baylor University is, playa! Driving on I-35 & passing through, you’re no doubt in […]

5 Fun Things You’ll Find At Barefoot Campus Outfitters

Retailers try to attract a younger demographic all the time, and it usually tends to be a little on the bland side, offering very few things that are cool & different. Here at Barefoot Campus Outfitters, we’re not just any other retailer. We aim to give everyone that visits their website or stores a new […]

Everything You Need to Know To Shop At Barefoot Apparel

Sure, you could wear the old standby campus bookstore t-shirt or sweater, but where’s the fun in that? There are two different kinds of college students out there: 1) those that rep their school with tired merch; and 2) those that show their school pride in style. What’s the difference? Barefoot Apparel. College students are […]

A Timeline Of A College Students Summer (as told by GIFs)

Summer is a whole lot different when you’re a college student. While they’re slightly longer than the break that grade school students get, college students actually have adult things to tend to. It has its ups and downs. People often get a class or two out of the way, which kind of sucks, but you […]

How to hold yourself accountable…

We all know how hard it is to stick to those new year resolutions. It’s the fourth day of the year and I’ve already seen tweets and heard complaints about just wanting that pizza or caving for “just one” Dr. Pepper or just a quick social media login. I literally have not set any yet […]

Creative Wrappers!

I think that my favorite part of the gifts at Christmas time is the wrapping of the presents! I won’t say that I am an amazing gift wrapper and I will admit to many years of practice and asking my grandmother for help from her perfect bows & wrapping skills… but I love putting on my […]

Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

This time of year we all get overloaded with the stress of buying our loved ones the perfect gifts and caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. With all of that going on, we overlook the importance of the holiday season and often don’t think of the ones who have anyone […]

HoCo Styles

With TSU homecoming madness here in Stephenville and all of our new fall merchandise hitting the floor… I thought I would show y’all some of our new cute pieces to make for a stylin’ and spirited homecoming attire! Homecoming is always a toss-up once I hit my closet… I can dress nice or I can […]

For the 90’s babies…

Some people say these millennial’s have it made with all of the technology they grew up with and blah blah blah… um, as if! 90’s babies will forever want the 90’s and the early millennial years back. I want to live the 90’s as a pre-teen and a teenager. Even though we know the music […]

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