Where To Look Online For College Apparel

It’s getting closer & closer to the start of another school year. And for the newly-minted college kids out there, it means it’s time to check out online college apparel merch. After all, you want to show that you’re proud of the school you’re attending, right? But you also want your college gear to look cool, feel hip, and you kinda want to be a bit original.

There’s one big catch, though — where do you even begin your search? What’s more, depending on where you’re going to school, there’s a chance you may come up empty or have to improvise (good luck trying to make a Fighting Blobfish t-shirt happen).

Here are your best bets for finding cool college threads: 

Your College’s Website

Just about every college has exclusive rights to images & color schemes for merchandise. This means that they have the most up-to-date gear compared to other places. At the very least, your school’s website may even be able to direct you to approved retailers for apparel.

Popular Auction Sites

If you’re into vintage college shirts & hats, a premier place to find these blasts from the past are online auction sites. You may be surprised to find that there are a lot of alums out there who are getting rid of their gear but just don’t feel right taking it to their local thrift store #schoolpride

Modern-Day Thrifting

That said, thrift stores, especially those near your campus, are treasure troves for super-sweet school apparel. But if you’re keeping your search online, popular thrift stores have entered the online retail fray. That means you can still score a deal without leaving home.

Retailer Websites

If you’ve got a favorite retailer you go to, check out their website. They likely have a sports/apparel section which will feature some college team gear. Granted, it may only be for larger & more popular Div. I schools, but it’s worth a look.

Make It Easy On Yourself

If you really want to find the BEST online college apparel, there are a few select online stores that have connections with an array of schools AND offer some of the most unique styles of clothing you’ll ever see. But you gotta work hard to find them…or do you?

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