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Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas

Nestled off IH-35 in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, you will find the breathtaking Texas State University campus located in the rapidly growing city of San Marcos, Texas. Once you take exit 206 and drive down Aquarena Springs into town, you will notice that the city has kept most of its small town charm and you will instantly feel like you are home. Most students say that seeing the tops of Old Main, one of the oldest buildings on campus, when they drive in from the highway towards campus is what called them to attend this university. Also seeing the San Marcos River flow right through the campus is a pretty big seller for Texas State students. You heard right – the San Marcos river flows from the Edwards Aquifer, one of the world’s most fertile artesian aquifers, along Sewell Park and through our scenic campus. Sewell Park is a popular hangout spot among students: offering luscious grass to lay out on, also known as “Bikini Hill”; free Frisbee throwing lessons from Frisbee Dan; basketball and sand volleyball courts; kayaking and tubing in the San Marcos River – for a quick 45 minute trip you can glide along the water down to Rio Vista, also a popular hangout spot by the river for students and residents. If you want to take a longer float down the river (and I suggest you do) head just five minutes out of town toward Martindale and hit up Texas State Tubes – the best float along the San Marcos River, guaranteed.

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